After seven production models over the past eight years, Rawland has made an evolutionary leap with our latest model, the new Ravn, a convergence of everything we’ve learned cycling off the beaten path for decades and countless miles, as well as researching, developing, and refining concepts for thousands of hours. Available spring 2016 as a complete bike running disc brakes, the Ravn is the first in an entirely new category we call All-Road Enduro, with a focus on high speed, high performance, and comfort over long distances on mixed terrain. The frameset and wheel-tire combo have been painstakingly designed for maximum “float” over rough stuff like gravel, fire roads, and singletrack, without compromising performance on pavement. The Ravn features low-trail geometry, intuitive handling, and an exclusive, high-performance Rawland Staal tubeset, for incredible responsiveness and energy return, ultralight strength, and an incomparably lively feel. This performance-tuned frameset, combined with 26-inch wheels running supple 55mm Compass Rat Trap Pass tires, makes riders feel like they’re pedaling a perpetual-motion machine. And while optimized for 26" x 55mm and 650B x 42mm with fenders (effective outer diameter of wheel approximately 673mm), the Ravn's disc configuration allows riders to also run up to 650B x 58mm and 700C x 43mm sans fenders. Complete geometry and specs will be announced here soon.

Design Philosophy

Why the Ravn runs 26" wheels

    The classic, proven 26-inch wheel size was the most logical and practical choice for our design parameters.

  • Optimal low-trail front-end geometry of 40mm with a fat 55mm tire and 20mm fender gap—and no toe overlap—would have been impossible with a larger-diameter wheel.
  • Stronger, lighter, more agile wheels, plus higher-volume tires for maximum “float.”
  • Countless tire options at minimum 50mm/1.95".
  • Thanks to the mountain-bike boom, the only bike-tire size available pretty much anywhere and everywhere you might ride is 26".



Designed as a light and fast XC Adventure beast perfect for attacking trails of all kinds, devouring high mileage over challenging terrain, and taking you most anywhere you want with a minimalist camp kit, our new Ulv is unlike anything that’s come before: a drop-bar mid-fat rig with randonneuring, MTB, and bikepacking DNA coiled together within its custom-drawn, high-performance steel. We’ve been dreaming of this bike for a few years, but only recently have the tires and rims needed become reality. Whether you call it 650B-plus, 27.5" mid-fat, or 27+, we believe that 650B wheels running roughly 3" rubber make for the best experience when you’re out exploring serious singletrack or rolling through the roughest stuff out there. The Ulv will be available as a complete bike for Spring 2016. Geometry and specs to be announced soon.

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